Our products are tailored to every business, whether a SME or major multinational.

Loyal [DMS]

Organizes and manages document creation and revision processes. A virtual in-house librarian.

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Loyal [QMS]

Manages and controls tasks within a quality system. An essential tool for any company that wishes to become certified.

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Loyal [KPI]

Define, map and monitor progress towards attaining your organizational goals.

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Loyal [RSK]

Thanks to its interface matrix, Loyal RISK allows an efficient cooperation between all the participants, and their agendas.

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Loyal [CMP]

It manages, easily and effortlessly, the requirements and regulatory framework to be met by the organizations.

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Our clients

Our clients represent virtually every major industry and functional business area across all of Latin America.

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Loyal Cloud

No initial investment – available 24x7 – Fast and secure - Only uS$15 a month/per user.

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We offer a family of apps to serve your every need. Organize your documents, standardize procedures and processes and manage your environmental controls. LOYAL will help you achieve any Quality Certification you desire.


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Avoid document duplicity
  • Improve Customer service
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Loyal Solutions

About us

At Loyal we are committed to design applications that enhance quality management and overall business administration. Our mission is to provide Software that improves Business Performance.

Loyal by the numbers


Our main strengths

  • Expertise: Over 150 quality management software implementations
  • Clients across all industries with a proven quality trackrecord.
  • A talented, experienced team of professionals with project management know-how
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Tracks what matters, Improves performance.